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Nate Silver on Finding a Mentor, Teaching Yourself Statistics, and Not Settling in Your Career

Perhaps no one has done more for the cause of data-driven decision-making in the minds of the public than Nate Silver. His book, The Signal and the Noise, explains the power of statistical modeling to improve our predictions about everything from the weather to sports to the stock market. Data science is the hottest field to be in right now, and Silver is its poster child.

But for most people, the gulf between recognizing the importance of data and actually beginning to analyze it is massive. How do those without extensive training in statistics equip themselves with the skills necessary to thrive (or even just survive) in our age of “big data”?

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A Whopping 20% Of Yelp Reviews Are Fake

Yelp might have to reconsider its classic slogan, “Real People. Real Reviews.”

Sure, the people might be real, but apparently one-fifth of all the reviews are big, fat phonies.

The number of fake reviews on Yelp rose to 20% in 2013 from only 5% in 2006, according to a new report out of Harvard Business School.

The study, which we found on Market Watch, comes hot on the heels of The New York Attorney General’s bust of 19 companies that specialize in publishing fraudulent online reviews, a process called “astroturfing.”

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Mashable’s 24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

Mind mapping is the process of using visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information. Its popular uses include project planning, collecting and organizing thoughts, brainstorming and presentations — all in order to help solve problems, map out resources and uncover new ideas.

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Sources at Washington Post during Bezos announcement: ‘It was like a funeral’

With some of the best news gatherers in journalism on staff, it was a surprise that the owners of The Washington Post were able to keep their sale of the paper a secret. But there were plenty of shocked expressions at the company’s headquarters on Monday when members of the Graham family announced that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, had purchased the venerable publication for $250 million.

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Maurice Levy, John Wren

For Publicis and Omnicom, a “merger of equals” is an ad to appease government officials

Paris-based Publicis and New York-based Omnicom are combining to create the world’s largest advertising company in what they are calling a “merger of equals.” But sooner or later, one company in such arrangements usually gets the upper hand. How that plays out will affect the deal’s chances of passing muster with antitrust regulators and other government officials.

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Caught in an Elevator With the CEO?


It’s Thursday morning, you’re in the elevator, and the CEO skates between closing doors to join you for a 30-floor ride.

You consider commenting on the unseasonably balmy weather, but inquire about her watch instead. You then exchange a series of jokes and, in perfect unison, toss your heads back in laughter. At the 25th floor, she insists that you join her in the company lounge for a bite to eat—she’d like to get to know you better. You take style points from Sandberg and lean in. Instant promotion.

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Avoiding fear by indulging in our fear of fear


Every day, we make a thousand little compromises, avoid opportunities, actions and people–all so that we can stay away from the emotion of fear.

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8 Things VCs Think About When Valuing Your Startup

Piggy Bank
Before you take money from a venture capital firm, you’ll agree to a valuation — how much your startup is worth. That valuation will also affect how much of your company you own. Optimizing for a higher valuation can sometimes mean owning less of your company, so strategies for each founder can vary widely.

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John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders

John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, delivers a funny and charming talk that spans a lifetime of work in art, design and technology, concluding with a picture of creative leadership in the future. Watch for demos of Maeda’s earliest work — and even a computer made of people.

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